Sex in a Gay Relationship

As in any relationship sexual intercourse is a very important factor. It helps keep you and your partner intertwined with one another. I’m not trying to say that sex is all that a relationship is about but it does go hand in hand with human emotions.

A relationship without sex is like toast without butter, hard and dry.

But sex is especially important in a homosexual relationship. This is due to gay men and woman who get bored with each other very quickly and easily. If you don’t give your partner the sexual affection they seek they will start to look for it in other places where its easier for them to get it. Its also important to remember that its not just “sex” but it’s a mutual affectionate feeling between two or in some cases more, human beings. You have to ensure you satisfy your partners needs, both you and your partner must be sure that no one is left unsatisfied. 

If it crosses your mind that you are not satisfied or satisfying your partner don’t keep it to yourself its very important to address the situation before its to late. This is not something to be ashamed about, if you are in a healthy relationship it should be easy for you to talk openly about things like this. When you address these issues there is room for improvement because it will allow you and you partner to work on this as a team and come down to a solution.

There are a lot of things that can play a roll in dissatisfaction, from difference in size, positions, fetishes even classifications.


Difference in size, yes Penis size:

As you know everyone is different. Sam likes his coffee dark and Steve likes his coffee without sugar. The same goes for size, some people like big and others like small. If this is an issue in your relationship open up your mouth and address it. If this is not addressed sex will become a curs because you are always left unsatisfied whereas your partner may be left very satisfied.

If you feel that your partner is not satisfying you due to him being to small you can look into things like, Penis enlarging pills or pumps etc. If this is not suitable for you, you can start looking into sex toys. There is a variety of online sex shops that will definitely have the perfect product for you and your partner.

Same goes for when you feel your partner is too big, don’t be afraid to address the issue because it can lead to serious physical damage. In this case there are ways for you to relax your anal muscles, things like poppers and but plugs can help you to improve your anal muscles. These products you will again be able to buy online at any sex shop or even your local sex shop could do the trick.

These are real problems, real people go through and without the necessary guidance and help you may be left in the dark.


There are so many interesting and fun sexual positions out there, some a little weird or uncomfortable but it all depends on what you are into. If you are an individual who would like to spice things up I would recommend talking to your partner about what you would like to try. This provides the opportunity to have fun and try new things. Having sex in one single position may get boring and will lead to dissatisfaction in your relationship. I’m not saying you need to go excessive and start hanging each other from the ceiling fan, but hey if it works it works. You have to start normalizing the weird things because you never know of  it might work for you. So make a note to talk to your partner about positions and start trying some new things. Always remember to be safe and don’t go to crazy, it might lead to serious injury.


This brings us to a very interesting topic and one lots of people don’t know how to address.  As I have said multiple times trough this blog, talk, talk, talk. A relationship without speaking is not a relationship at all. If you feel that you might have some type of fetish, no matter what it is, tell your partner. Fetishes are very interesting because it helps you to understand your partner much better, fetishes are linked to a persons emotion. It makes you unique in our own way.

Even though there are some really weird and very dangerous fetishes its what helps satisfy your partner, but always remember that fetishes and understanding come from both sides. It will definitely not be fair if you accept your partners fetish but his grossed out buy yours. Whether its feet, BDSM, or even golden-showers, normalize it.

When it comes that you really cant handle the fetish meet each other in the middle. Both of you can work on something that everyone would like.

Classifications (Bottoms and Tops):

Yes, in gay relationships we don’t really classify each other as male or female but rather bottoms and tops. Let me explain, if you classify yourself as a top this means that you will be the dominate when it comes to sex whereas if you classify yourself as a bottom you will be the submissive during sexual intercourse. There’s also something know as versatile or verse which means you like your pancake flipped both ways. Always talk about this before entering a relationship with someone because if it comes to doing the deed you might both realize that you are bottoms or both tops. This will for sure leave both you in very unsatisfied.

If this blog have taught you anything its that communication is key. Never let your man or woman slip out of your fingers because of dissatisfaction and remember nothing is ever to weird if you just start normalizing it.

Enjoy the rest of your pride month and have fun with all these new sex tips.

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