Is it Love or Lust?

Most people wonder about the gay love life. They often ask a few questions about sex or positions or any form of intimacy. Sometimes this can get a bit awkward if you haven’t been asked these questions over and over again. Now we will prepare you for these questions so that you know what to expect and possibly know how to respond to them.

You might be asking yourself is it lust or can it be love binding men together?

Well, the simple answer to this question is love. Yes, it’s true love.

Speaking of love, love comes in many forms according to there are 6 forms of love in the Greek terminology

The Ancient Greeks’ 6 Words for Love
(And Why Knowing Them Can Change Your Life)

  • Eros, or sexual passion.
  • Philia, or deep friendship.
  • Ludus, or playful love.
  • Agape, or love for everyone.
  • Pragma, or longstanding love.
  • Philautia, or love of the self.


On the contrary, the word lust means:

Lust is a strong craving for sex. It also can mean a hunger for anything, like lust for power. While lust isn’t a dirty word, it is a strong word. You don’t have lust for something you don’t really care about. Lust is a strong, powerful desire, whether it’s a noun or verb: you lust for things you deeply crave.” according to

So now that you know what forms of love there are and the meaning of Lust you should also keep in mind that not everyone knows the definition of what love actually is.

Most true gay relationships are about finding the person you love and the person you can’t live without. Take me and my BF, for instance, we have been together for almost a year now and we are very happy together because we go through difficult times and we still love each other to the fullest of our capabilities. Both of us don’t love equally because the amount of love I need in order to be fulfilled is different from his fulfillment. So you need to also keep in mind that when you find a partner you will not always be loved the way you wanted to be, unless you communicate your needs towards your fulfillment. You can’t assume he/she will love you the way you had in mind.

Oh and while we are on this note. One thing to keep in mind is ASSUME. When you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME. So try never to just ASS-U-ME because it is a bad quality of life. 


Although in the gay community there are lots of relationships with a lustful nature, with no true love to be found. Just be careful when you see signs of lust within the person you are dating. Because if the feeling of non-satisfaction comes forth on a very intermit level then you might end up getting hurt and possibly get cheated on.


This is one topic most gay men will love!

And that’s about the dating sites and platforms where you can get a fast pickup or a one-night-stand.

(We don't recommend hookups or one-night-stands, rather seek a proper relationship!)

Here are 13 platforms that you can use for dating/hookups.

  • Zoosk – Fun Dates, Serious Relationships
  • Taimi – Fun Dates, Serious Relationships, Friends, Social Networking
  • Scruff – Fun Dates, Hookups, Friends, Social Networking
  • Hornet – Networking, Dating
  • BeNaughty – Hookups, Chats
  • Planet Romeo – Hookups, Dates
  • Blued – Dates, Social Networking
  • Tinder – Dates, Social Networking, Hookups
  • Growlr – Dates, Hookups
  • Jack’d – Dates, Hookups, Relationships
  • Our Time – Hookups, Dates
  • Elite Singles – Hookups, Dates
  • Grindr – The largest Social Network for gay, Bi, Trans and queer people.

Warning: Be carful when using dating/hookup sites or apps. You can get unwanted criminals on any platform. 

Feelings, Emotions and Trust.

Every relationship has a few things in common namely – Feelings, Emotions and Trust. Obviously there are not just these three there are a lot, but we will talk about these three for now. 

Gay men have outspoken feelings and they do tend to hold their hearts on their sleeves. Some gay men hurt very easily when they are called bad names especially in a relationship. Think about this for a second, if we get hurt very easily and we have emotions attached to a particular person then does this mean we love or lust?

The answer is obvious – Its love. 

When you lust over a person you are not worried about what they call you or what they say about you, and its way different to crushing on someone although crushing can somewhat lead to a lustful life or relationship. 


Emotions… Yes every relationship has emotions even these of the gays. Emotions play a huge role in a gay relationship, because if you can’t control your emotions you can get overwhelmed by what is going on. As a result, you might lash out at your partner. Keep in mind you love this person so you need to be understanding and supportive. You can’t just do what you want if you are in a relationship. And you have to be considerate in every possible way you can be towards your partner, otherwise its a waste of both of your time.

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As always stay healthy stay fabulous and don’t forget to be as gay as you can possibly be

- 2 Fab 2 Fracture squad.

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