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gay community


We exist because people in the gay community are to fabulous to be fractured by other people’s judgments and negativity about their sexuality. Stories about real people are swept under the rug and these stories are easily forgotten about. It’s very easy to feel alone and depressed. Particularly when your desires don’t get any real attention, although you are in desperate need to get it off your chest. Not even to mention when the most feared so-called “coming out of the closet” becomes a reality.

At 2 Fab 2 Fracture, we are a family that fights for what is right or wrong. We don’t believe in judgment neither making you feel like you don’t deserve to breathe the same air millions of other people do. Just because you might be slightly different than the rest or have a few extraordinary questions doesn’t mean you deserve to be treated badly or overlooked.
It’s not always a very easy subject to talk about especially if you are still in the closet about your sexual orientation. In some cases, you might just need a safe haven to relax or unwind with real people that have a few things in common like you and me.

What you can expect from us at 2 Fab 2 Fracture.

11. Places to visit.
12. Most popular places for gays.
13. Devastating stories about gay abuse.
14. Gays having a baby.
15. Gays lives matter.
16. Perfectly imperfect.
17. Gay supporting start-ups.
18. Music for gays.
19. Pride trends.
20. Gay trends.

21. Reviews about gay films, books, tv shows, and series.

Being gay is a devastating and cruel reason for being beaten up or discriminated against!

WATCH this video to understand more!

gay community

If you must know, gay people have the most sweetest hearts and they tend to be a girl’s best friend according to statistics. Gays love shopping and not even to mention their love for fashion and interior from all sorts of homes or landscapes. Having a gay friend is one of the best things you can have apart from all the benefits that come with them. 

In the Gay community we are all supporting each other, whether it is with love, understanding or even in business.

They are normal human beings with small yet loving hearts. Well, we only talk good about the gay people of our lives yet there are a bit of “Gays of our lives” trouble some gay people make with their so called issues they create. Those who go through difficult times tend to be the hardest people to work with. 

Its okay to wonder about the gay community!

gay community

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I have a lot of questions about…
I have to know…
What if I am…
Does it really mean…
Is it okay to be…
Can I…
In the gay Community

Al the questions you might have about the Gay community or even the gay world we will answer them for you to the best of our abilities because face it, questions unanswered lead to uncertain destinations. 

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As always stay healthy stay fabulous and don’t forget to be as gay as you can possibly be

- 2 Fab 2 Fracture squad.

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