Can a long distance relationship work?

This is a question that we have heard a lot and we finally decided that it is time to address this question.

So many of you might not know but we are also in a long distance relationship at this stage of life and I feel a lot of people don’t really know what it is all about. Distance is hard in any relationship not just in a homosexual relationship but I personally feel that gay men are much more sexually active then people who are in heterosexual relationships. I don’t know why this is but I have experienced it myself and its been something I spend a lot of my time thinking about. Anyway back to the point, as you know I have talked about how important sex is in gay relationships and sex is one of the reasons most long distance relationships do not work out at the end of the day.

We all want to feel assured that we are loved and we are human so we urge the feeling of physical affection. This is where the distance starts to play a big roll. Distance causes a lot of things to die in a relationship if you do not pay attention to it, for example, sexual intercourse is one of the things that wont be the way it was before. There is a number of factors that wont be the same which will be discussed more in depth In future blog posts so remember to visit our social media and tell us what you would like us to blog about.

We need to realize that we cant just blame everything on the distance, distance is just the challenge but it depends on you whether you’re gonna face it head on or just see it as a way to blame everything on. Yes of course the distance are going to make things harder but it wont make it impossible. You and your partner will be able to see each other some or other time, just hold on for now and try your best to make it work out the way you planned it.

As in any relationship trust, faith, love and “sex” is important but in a long distance relationship it is even more important. Both of you need to work on it and try your best to make it work out. It will be very difficult but one thing is for sure it wont be impossible and if you can overcome this challenge you will be able to overcome a number of other challenges you might come across in your relationship.


You’ll maybe have to break some boundaries and do some things in different ways than in a normal relationship but you need to look beyond this point and realize you are doing it for love and to see this person who you love eventually, but until then be a bit more open minded. Don’t set to many boundaries that will be impossible to keep with, this will only make things a lot harder  and make you more stressed and it will only raise your suspicions. Don’t be controlling and try to understand, you need to realize that your relationship is a lot different than a relationship where people see each other everyday.

This is where trust comes in!!

Both you and your partner need to trust each other enough to not check up on each other every five minutes. This will cause frustration and make your partner annoyed. He will feel as if he is watched by someone 24/7 and this will lead to him feeling that he is a child who needs to be checked up on constantly. He will start to feel you don’t trust him enough and he will start to rebel and give you reasons to not trust him, this is the last thing we want. Like I said trust is one of the most important factors in a long distance relationship.


You also need to have faith in your partner!! You need to have faith in him to make the right choices because at the end of the day this will be the man you spend the rest of your life with. So both of you need to keep each other updated on what is happening in each others life’s and have faith that what you are doing is the right things. Mostly because this can influence your future with this person. Faith is also very important because your partner needs to feel he can make decisions and you will be there right to next to him even though it wasn’t the perfect decision to make. Have faith in your partner and the things he does not just for himself but for you as well.

Love each other unconditionally!! As in any relationship love is what keeps and draws us together. You need to feel in your heart that it is true love and not just some boy toy who you will trough away in 3-4 months because that could really break the other person. Love is where is started and love is where it should end. You need to love your partner enough to give him the time he needs to get to you. He might be in a certain place because of work or studies who knows but you need to love and respect him enough to understand that he will come to fetch his prince charming as soon as he can.

Love will keep this relationship together and it wont let any thing get between you and your partner.

Then obviously we have sex which we will discuss more in detail when we release our post that will help you with 6 ways to make you long distance relationship work. As you know sex is important in any relationship and if you don’t get what you want you will start to look for this in other places. Don’t let the sex die just because you don’t see each other.

We live in a world where technology is taking over and making it easier to communicate with people who live far away. So set dates with your partner and talk about this subject. We all get horny and miss our partners and its human. Don’t ever feel shy to send your partner nudes every now and then this will make him feel as ease and he will do the same it will also show him that you are trying to keep the flame burning. You don’t have to stop being kinky just because of the distance, be tourself and express your sexual desires and needs.

Keep and eye out for our in-depth post where will discuss and give some detailed pointers on how to make your long distance relationship work.

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