6 long distance relationship tips

As you would know in my previous post I mentioned that I will be giving you guys 6 long distance relationship tips to help you through this difficult times and make it work or simply just improving it…Also make sure to read our previous post to understand the whole concept of a LDR much better!

So with out further a do lets dive right in…

6 long distance relationship tips

1. Communicate!

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As you would know in my previous post I mentioned that I will be giving you guys.

Trough out our blog posts you will see the word “Communicate” a lot. Because it is of utmost important to implement good communication skills in any relationship. So how am I able to communicate with my partner who lives far away and what do I tell him?

Well, it’s pretty easy don’t use the distance as an excuse not to communicate or to neglect it completely. We live in a world where everyone has access to the internet. Social media on the other hand is exploding and most people have smartphones. So you don’t really have an excuse.

There is a number of ways you can stay in contact. You can send each other text messages if you just want a quick chat. Not to mention how a video call comes in handy if you want to have a more serious convo.

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Trust me it comes in handy very much so. The amazing part about a video call is you can see his beautiful face. We have all these great platforms we can use so communication should not be and issue in a LDR.

This then brings me to what things you should talk about, well to be honest there are no specific things you should talk about. Like in any relationship you and your partner should be able to talk about anything at any point of time. One thing you need to remember is that you need to show your partner you are interested in his life.

Ask him how he is doing and what his plans are for the day, even though you might know he is studying or working still ask him it pays of and shows you are interested. Also remember to keep your partner updated on what is happening in your life even if they don’t necessarily ask it shows them that you want them to know what you are doing and it sets them at ease. So remember to communicate this is key in a LDR and will have great benefits.

2. Have a goal!

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This is also a very important tip to remember. We all know distance is very difficult, but its going to get even worse if you don’t have a goal. If you don’t set a goal, the days will start feeling like years. I can tell you with all honesty your LDR will not work out without a set goal.

The days will feel endless and you will begin to feel that it is not worth it at all. You might eventually feel you’re wasting all this time on one guy. Where you could be hooking up with tons of other potential boyfriends. Set goals whether it’s big or small it will definitely have a positive impacts on your relationship.

3. Do not necessarily but limits on your sexual interactions!

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As you know we are sexual beings and we crave sexual intercourse every once in a while, some people more often than others but moral of the story is its very hard to not allow someone to have sex or keep it away from them. Lets put it this way, if you were in a relationship with this person before distance parted you, this is not really something that you should consider especially if you gave had sexual relations with your partner before he had to depart from you. Whereas if you are in a relationship with a person who you haven’t really been with before hand the keeping sex from there is a punishment.

Its not really fair to call someone yours and only yours while they are not giving you the pleasure you desire, as I said we are sexual beings and wee need sexual intercourse. If your partner does not pull back on some of the boundaries because if they do not start to allow you to have sexual actions you will start to do it behind their back and this will lead to secrets and secrets lead to the relationship tearing apart.

With this comes total honesty and transparency. Keep your partner updated on the sex you are having don’t keep it from them especially if you have consent from them. Also remember that it is only sex, nothing more and nothing less. Think about it as a way of helping your partner and caring for their sexual well being.

4. Try and watch your favorite show together!

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Pick one day each week or weekend to watch your favorite show together. Obviously this will not be the same as in person but it will create the feeling of togetherness. In some cases it might be hard to watch it as exactly the same time because their may be a difference in time but try and do it in the same 24- hour period as your partner.

Also try and talk about the show after both of you are caught up and watched the same episodes. This will again make your partner feel involved in your life and will show your partner that you care about his perspective. This is just a simple way of creating togetherness and its also a simple way to make you appreciate the opportunity more in person.

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5.Sext! (Send Nudes Bitches)

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Don’t see this as a weird topic, this is actually very important, it is what keeps a LDR alive and it is really vital. Let your partner know he is still in your sexual thoughts and that you still get aroused by the thoughts of him. Let him know that you want to see his majestic body and that you cant get enough of him. Even though it might only be in pictures of videos for now at least you will have some juicy content to look at next time you…

Let him know about all the nasty things you would like to do to him and remind him how sexy and attractive he his.

6. Have some live action

Finally 6 of 6 long distance relationship tips

If you are really kinky you can even try organizing some sexy time. Wink wink , notch-notch. This is your partner and you are still going to touch each other in person so you should completely feel comfortable with doing some nasty things  over a skype call or any other from of a video call.  This can open up so many new opportunities for you and your partner and this could lead to great sex when you see each other in person again.

There are no limits and the possibilities are endless.  Just remember to be yourself and to have fun. I hope these pointers help you and your partner to lead a very great LDR and I hope that you can get together as soon as possible.

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