6 long distance relationship tips

As you would know in my previous post I mentioned that I will be giving you guys 6 long distance relationship tips to help you through this difficult times and make it work or simply just improving it…Also make sure to read our previous post to understand the whole concept of a LDR much better! […]

Can a long distance relationship work?

This is a question that we have heard a lot and we finally decided that it is time to address this question. So many of you might not know but we are also in a long distance relationship at this stage of life and I feel a lot of people don’t really know what it […]

Communication in a Relationship

Communication!  I hope that you all had an amazing pride month and I hope it was filled with joy and “loads” of amazing times. Today were going to discuss a topic that is very important in a relationship, communication. Communication is they key to a healthy and open relationship. If both you and your partner […]

My son is gay, what do I do?

That’s a great question. You must remember that its completely normal for young boys to experiment and explore their sexuality, it is in fact one of the most natural parts of growing up. With that being said, most parents sometimes underestimate how hard it can be for young adults to tell their parents or friends that they are gay. Its not just as simple as “I’m gay.”

Sex in a Gay Relationship

As in any relationship sexual intercourse is a very important factor. It helps keep you and your partner intertwined with one another. I’m not trying to say that sex is all that a relationship is about but it does go hand in hand with human emotions.

Why do we calibrate Gay Pride month?

Gay pride month is one of the best and most exiting events known to the LGBTQI+ community. We calibrate the past efforts of those who came before us and fought for our rights to live and be openly gay to the world.

Is it love or lust?

Most people wonder about the gay love life. They often ask a few questions about sex or positions or any form of intimacy. Sometimes this can get a bit awkward if you haven’t been asked these questions over and over again. Now we will prepare you for these questions so that you know what to expect and possibly know how to respond to them.

You might be asking yourself is it lust or can it be love binding men together?

Well, the simple answer to this question is love. Yes, it’s true love.


Everyday gay life may seem wonderful and easy. Well sorry to burst your bubble but it’s definitely not all sunshine and rainbows. The everyday gay life comes with a lot of odds and ends and unfortunately more negative than positive.

I’m not here to scare you or give you a wrong impression of the gay community, but rather to teach you and prepare you for what you can expect. Yes obviously its not all bad I mean the gay community is a very unique and colorful community filled with loving and supporting people…

What interests gays have – Todrick Hall style

Now…. After watching this amazing music video of Todrick Hall you have a bit of an idea of what gay people find interesting. There are a ton of ideas that come to mind of what interests the gay community, but only a few are common among us and used by thousands if not millions of gay men in the world…

Introduction for the gay community

We exist because people in the gay community are to fabulous to be fractured by other people’s judgments and negativity about their sexuality. Stories about real people are swept under the rug and these stories are easily forgotten about. It’s very easy to feel alone and depressed. Particularly when your desires don’t get any real attention, although you are in desperate need to get it off your chest. Not even to mention when the most feared so-called “coming out of the closet” becomes a reality…